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ACTA calls to urgently rethink patents and copyright

publié en ligne : 1 July 2010

Luzern, July 1st 2010 - The 9th round of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations just ended in Luzern, Switzerland.

Whatever the final text will be after the next negotiation rounds, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) will remain an illegitimate agreement, by its elaboration process (beyond any democratic control) as well as its content (further strengthening of an outdated set of legislation). Access to medicine in the poorest countries and protection of citizens’ fundamental rights in their usage of Internet and digital technologies are too crucial issues to be left out to the hazards of closed-doors negotiations.

In the age of globalized exchanges, the sharing of information improves our societies and saves lives. ACTA is emblematic of an outdated repression of the sharing of information and knowledge. Without awaiting the end of the negotiations, we urge governments negociating ACTA to:

* rethink copyright from scratch to guarantee the potentiality of democratic participation, access to culture and innovation allowed by the networked sharing of information, while guaranteeing fundamental freedoms.

* rethink the patent system to adapt it to a world where three major pandemics kill 15,000 persons per day because of the lack of accessible treatment for all.

ACTA belongs to the past.

The undersigned : ACS (Togo) Act Up-Paris (France) ALCS-Maroc Alternatives Cameroun April (France) Asociación de Internautas (Spain) Associazione scambio etico (Italia) Bits of Freedom (The Netherlands) Coalition PLUS Digitalrights.gr (Greece) EFB.bg (Bulgaria) Electronic Frontier Finland (Finland) Exgae (Spain) Föreningen fri kultur & programvara (Sweden) Free Knowledge Institute (The Netherlands) French Data Network (France) Gnutiken (Sweden) Health GAP (U.S.) Internet Sans Frontières (France) IP Left (South Corea) Jinbo.net (South Corea) KidAIDS Cameroon La Quadrature du Net (France) MTAAG+ (Malaysia) Nature Care (Thaïland) Ouvaton (France) p2pnet.net (Canada) Piratgruppen (Danmark) RAME (Burkina Faso) Scambio Etico (Italia) SWAA-Burundi T-TAG (Thaïland) The Society for Free Culture and Software (Sweden) The WeReBuild clusters (Europe) UFC-Que Choisir (France) URBLS/Bobo (Burkina Faso) Utopia (France) Electronic Frontier (Bulgaria)


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