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Enough is enough

publié le juin 2000 dans Action 68

Up to now, Cotrimoxazole, a well known bactericidal and fungicidal product has been massively prescribed in the Third World for numerous infections, but it is only in rich countries that, with the advent of AIDS, it has been used to prevent opportunistic infections.

At a time when antiretrovirals still cost about FRF 50,000 per year, preventive treatment is the most beneficial treatment option available for HIV-infected people who live in developing countries. The experts brought together for the African zone by UNAIDS last February made unambiguous recommendations calling upon African countries to offer this prophylaxis immediately to all people with HIV/AIDS.

Nevertheless, despite the fifteen years of waiting by the HIV-infected people of Africa and the 2.6 million deaths from AIDS in the region in 1999, UNAIDS wants more time to determine whether or not this treatment should be offered to the sick people of Africa as well.

People with HIV/AIDS will not allow criminal international bureaucracies to deprive them of the only therapeutic option currently accessible to them.


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