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Funding crisis : your support is essential !

06 - 20 - 2011

Our association is currently undergoing a serious funding crisis. This has obliged us to cut our expenditure and will shortly force us to reduce certain activities in order to survive. Less than a year from the presidential elections, we are nonetheless convinced that the cause of people living with HIV and/or co-infected with Hepatitis, and minorities serve as a deterrent to sarkozyism. Act Up-Paris needs everyone to mobilise, by committing with us to the fight against AIDS, or by helping to fund our projects.

In 2010, our association decided to pre-finance the free publication of a guide « AIDS : back to basics », entirely written by militants from our association, and targeting people living with HIV and medical workers. We also decided to strengthen, in a strategic period, our advocacy on the prisons issue. Also, we have been continuing certain of our activities, in particular, international activities for which we receive no specific funding from donors.

We do not regret these choices, as they have allowed us to obtain concrete results on research, prevention, and access to healthcare for people living with AIDS in France and in developing countries.

In the past few months, we have obtained :

- On international issues :

  • FUNDINGS / jointly with the other French organizations, an increase of 20% of the French contribution to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis for the three next years,
  • ‘WAR ON PHARMA’ / that Bristol-Myers Squibb ensure the continuity of distribution of pediatric antiretroviral treatments last year after the closing of their French factories

- On national issues :

  • RESEARCH/ CO-INFECTIONS / that research is directed to the issue of co-infection by HIV and Hepatitis C, which has become the main cause of mortality among people living with HIV.
  • EQUAL RIGHTS / that the PACS (civil pact of solidarity) be recorded on death certificates.
  • DRUG USES / against government censure, we have imposed new measures to reduce the risks linked to drugs use, like low-risk consumption rooms
  • PRISONS / we have also imposed the need to release prison inmates so they can have access to vital healthcare.

The pre-funded actions were a wager which we won in part politically. However, we are paying a heavy price : few of them have been definitively funded, and we have had to pay for them from our own funds. The delay in payment from public financing bodies has aggravated the situation : for the year 2011, we have advanced 100 000 euros to public organisations.

All of this threatens the activities for which we do not receive funding from backers, jeopardises others, and prevents us from fully concentrating on our priorities and objectives. At some months from the Presidential elections, and in a decisive period on particular issues, such as acces to drugs and co-infections, your support is essential. Although the political context and sarkozyism are not particularly favourable to sick people, we refuse to let it kill us !

To help Act Up-Paris, you can :
- Join us
- Send a donation online
- Fund our projects

Weekly meeting on thursday 7.30pm
at Ecole des Beaux-Arts (amphithéâtre des Loges)
14, rue Bonaparte, métro Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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