I have a feeling you will be making more of these. A couple of weekly Zoom things, daily walks and not much else, you tend to get use to it! Glimpses of Home Spring, Summer and early Fall 2020, lizzie's quilt, a 40 year finish and farewell, The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe, Thomas the Train Quilted Travel Play Mat Tutorial, Friday Night Sew-In - JUNGLE BABIES BABY QUILT II. Variety is the key to developing a collection of scrap quilt fabrics. Scrap quilts can be built around a specific type of fabric. A local quilt store was closing their doors … with some good sales. Absolutely! This blog does accept payments in the form of advertising, sponsorships, and other related paid campaigns or endorsements. We gave up on it after a few episodes. Many scrap quilts probably were made in that way, especially during hard times, but perhaps just as many scrap quilts were made by quilters who simply loved to sew with lots of fabrics. Thankfully, I remembered before it was quilted … it was a simple matter of taking about 3/4″ stitching out and inserting the ties. So far, I have finished 17! A scrappy binding just didn’t feel right for this quilt. After the first 2 or 3 blocks, I completely stopped because I just didn't love it. Sometimes it seems like the days take their sweet time … and I turn around and it’s close to the end of another month! Our guild decided to do the “Connected Project.” A fun project where it connects various guild members together. One Start in 2020 finished. One good thing: a quilting friend was right behind me in line … we chatted up a storm and the wait went quickly then! The last picture I showed was of it pieced together. Leftover Layer Cake squares are great for this too. Island Batik fabrics are pretty cool that way! We can't wait to share our ideas and see yours, too! The Trifles pattern comes in four quilt sizes, which means you can get started with what you have on hand and see how far it takes you! As you can see, the fabric is all wonderful and the quilts promise to be wonderful as well! Any ideas for a series to watch while quilting, that doesn't have too much violence, nudity or bad language? Just be sure to post using the hashtag so we know you are participating. Thank you! Play with bright and colorful fabrics for the full effect! How they originally symbolized the end of WW1 and now include the remembering of the many fallen soldiers of various wars. Now that my oldest grandson is 13, I decided he needed a quilt that is more suited to an older person. Here’s what Elizabeth Phillips (Marketing and Graphic Design) said, “Our greige goods are the highest quality we can purchase. :-) Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery. Everything about this quilt along is super flexible, so it will work with any quilter's style—from modern to solids to primitive to batiks to everything in between. So there you have it! How nice of you to take the time to comment! Here you'll find helpful how-tos, inspirational ideas and other quilting shenanigans. I’ve been slowly working on my Charming Bag. I have now finished pin basting it and have set up my machine quilting area for quilting. I loved this extra challenge this month! After reading this article, I asked Island Batik what the thread count is for their fabric. Quilts based on a large assortment of florals, known as watercolor quilts, are one example, and quilts made with a selection of batiks are another. You will “knot” believe how much you will love this quilt! Thanks. If reading via email, please click here to watch the video. I realized that I don't have that many fall colored quilts and in 2021, I plan to remedy that situation! Did any of you see this article from CBC Marketplace about masks? No matter what type of quilt you plan to make, it's perfectly okay to construct one block at a time—or even portions of quilt blocks at a time. Marion Schuitma is one of our Instagram winners! Choose all sorts of fabrics, even fabrics you don't necessarily like. Be sure to Click on the link below to have an opportunity to win some wonderful fabric: either Sweet Hearts or Love and Kisses. https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js. I had that bicycle print - and one of your greens. Aurifil #2610 was used for the quilting, sewing together and the trim, Free motion quilting was swirls or wavy lines. Next weekend I could be sewing on the binding, if all goes well. Well, Kathleen, the very smart quilter that she is, has a tutorial on it. Today, it isn't unusual for quilters to have tons of scrap fabric lying around just so they have what they need on hand for a scrap quilt the next time a pattern suits their fancy. Make sure you check it out. Did you see the post HERE? The Unicorn Quilt - The Last Quilt For 2019, Rainbow Double Irish Chain Quilt (Lori's 40th BD), Blue and Green Many Trips Around The World Quilt. I also set up a card table to my left and a TV tray to my right. Then BAM … all of a sudden, I had 2 dentist appointments (cleaning and fillings), a blood work appointment, a doctor’s appointment, a short guild Zoom meeting, a family Zoom quilting day, as well as the usual 3 weekly Zooms … Oh me, oh my … I felt almost overwhelmed. It promises to be an awesome hop with lots of small gifts – just in time for you to make for Christmas! I posted the directions for this quilt in my previous post which can be found HERE. Like any form of quilting, successful scrap quilts take practice. I think that, like you, I'd fear early on that the final product wouldn't result in something cohesive. I've enjoyed making it and even though I have named it "The Teenager's Quilt", my hubby likes it so much, He may be getting one too. And this was YEARS before I started my blog! Kimberly just recommends these. She has published over 350+ articles for The Spruce Crafts. I just might make a matching one for this new teenager's younger brother. Making something new, out of a 90 year old piece of patchwork! I have a quilt that I agreed to quilt for a coworker of Kurt's. I sewed the strips together like seen in this first picture. Winners are Emailed - Aurifil Thread to Monica who said - I had a baby with colic and needed to leave the house for a "break". Create a website or blog at WordPress.com. Aren’t the fabrics awesome? I also didn't really want the extra weight of the foundation fabric. The 3 longest strips are in the middle and then the other strips are sewn on each side of the center strips. Best of 2019 Linky Party. Buckle up for some ruckus-raising fun! Like you said, you kept fabrics that you loved, and that act of editing put you on the path to a quilt with rhyme and reason. I love this and I have plans to make one..starting with the leftovers from my scrappy Courthouse Steps one...thanks for sharing--nice work ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose. We are the Dead. In Flanders fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,  That mark our place; and in the sky  The larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce heard amid the guns below. That was fun! I think this quilt, a doll size pillow and a doll would make a sweet gift. I LOVE being an ambassador! Also I’m not sure what you mean by website below. Our Scrap Dance Twist mystery quilt along for 2020 is now over. I have a FREE video tutorial for this pattern where I show you how to make a block. There’s a LOT happening in my studio … but most of it I can’t show you yet.