If you have installed a 3rd party anti-virus program, be sure that Windows Defender is turned off and that the trial version of McAfee Anti-Virus software is uninstalled. Third generation of the butterfly and it still can’t break out of the cocoon into a beautiful reliable and beloved replacement to the tried and true. Pretty amazing for an ultrabook, although it is on the heftier end of the spectrum at 3lbs. Good enough that I have stopped taking my bluetooth speaker when I travel. 256 is not enough, I'll load 100gb in one weekend of shooting & I want it all resident until I get back to the main office. HELLO, The Yoga C930's Rotating Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos Speaker System is truly revolutionary, as the audio sound will be just as amazing whatever mode you're in: tent, stand, tablet, or laptop. I'm really disapointed I got tricked into buying this laptop because of dolby vision and it doesn't actually have an HDR screen. I called BestBuy contact phone and said I should get the fifty dollars back as it was listed for cheaper on the store's sticker! Despite iOS having its roots in OS X it is way too dumbed down and inflexible to ever replace a MBP. https://www.pcmag.com/review/363302/lenovo-yoga-c930. The yoga runs Adobe Premier Pro better than the Dell that it replaced even though the Dell had a dedicated GTX 1060 MAX Q graphics card. Interestingly, our model featured the same exact Core i7 chip as we tried out in the Yoga 920, which came out a year ago, and that might seem like a missed opportunity for offering a speed bump. You'll hear a fan kick in but the metal body seems to dissipate the heat well. Working hand-in-hand with Dolby, we created the word's first speakers that fit into a convertible hinge via a rotating sound bar, delivering powerful immersive sound in every mode. Combining two sets of speakers - featuring powerful down-firing woofers, custom tweeters, and unique vibration buffers that reduce unwanted noise - your audio will sound bigger, deeper, and more accurate. The MacBook Pro which I also had two of, one 17” battle axe and one 13” mid tier good enough machine for daily non strenuous use. Click on "Reset This PC" Then click on "Get Started" and follow the on screen directions to restore to factory defaults. Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. But the very essence of a pro machine should offer every convenience and option alongside a user serviceable set of components as these machines often see several upgrades to get the best return for the investment. Dolby Atmos delivers breathtaking, three-dimensional audio that flows above and around you with depth and precision. There is some cool drawing software preloaded but I also have Photoshop and need to configure that for the pen. Sometime it will be running slow, but that is a Microsoft issue and not a Lenovo issue as it will be running updates for the operating system in the background. It is awesome to hold. Minimum monthly payments are required. Something went wrong. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. The yoga runs Adobe Premier Pro better than the Dell that it replaced even though the Dell had a dedicated GTX 1060 MAX Q graphics card. The fans will only kick in for short bursts. Combine 4K clarity with the ultra vivid imaging of Dolby Vision. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Overall concerning the ports, I’m rather disappointed there aren’t more, but it was a trade-off I decided to make for everything else about the Lenovo when I bought it. As on past releases of the Yoga flagship models, the Yoga C930 offers an eye-pleasing design with a metallic body and slim bezels on three sides of the display. Can Lenovo Yoga C930 multitask well? Wanted a fast laptop with lots of memory. Experience brighter brights, darker blacks, and colors never before seen on standard displays—the true red of an English double-decker bus, or the sharp blue of a summer sky. The sound bar strip has directional firing super clear, immersive and down right loud high frequency speakers. Browser Compatibility. The Yoga C930-14 4K model weighs just 3.04 lbs and though … I have had my Yoga for only a couple of weeks now and it has fulfilled everything I have wanted it to do. (most of the below will be in comparison to the Yoga 3 Pro) I also feel like the stylus/touch experience isn't the best out there. TLDR: Great modern laptop that can handle anything, The Lenovo Yoga C930-14 4K model weighs just 3.04 lbs. Do both the Mica and Iron Gray models have Gorilla Glass for the screen? Just the right weight too (the 3 Pro was actually a bit "light" and wouldn't "stay" on your lap) NO red Thinkpad pointer thingy, but you can't have everything! It's a night-and-day difference (to me) in terms of readability. They didn't have one on display but when I asked the helpful salesperson, he said they had JUST arrived and weren't yet "checked in". I edit websites on sites like Squarespace/WordPress for a living, so this laptop will perform fine, but I am a really visual person and I get annoyed every time I use this laptop because of the quality.